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Handmade Rug with Abstract Bauhaus Shapes


Orange vegetable dye is hand-block printed onto cotton to create the abstract Bauhaus design featured in this rug.

4×6 Feet
100% Cotton
Vegetable Dyes
Free Shipping in the USA

Sold out!

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This handwoven cotton rug features an abstract Bauhaus design with a rusty orange palette. The pattern is applied by hand using carved wooden blocks which are dipped into vegetable dyes and pressed onto the cotton by hand.

This versatile area rug is an excellent addition to your bedroom, office or living room, and works well in modern, rustic and bohemian homes.


  • 4×6 Feet
  • 100% Cotton
  • Vegetable Dyes
  • Free Shipping in the USA

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as it may fade the rug
  • Machine washable

More About Block Printing:

Because there is no machinery involved in the hand-block process, each rug features minor nuances, making them completely unique.

  • An intricate design is hand-carved into a wooden block. These blocks are reused for years until they chip or break.
  • The wooden block is then dipped into all-natural vegetable dyes.
  • The block is pressed onto the cotton repeatedly until the fabric is covered with the design.
  • The next block is dipped into the second and color and the process is repeated until the design is complete.

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