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Orange Hand Block Comforter with Paisley Pattern


Pink and orange natural dyes are hand block printed onto supple cotton to create the unique and exquisite Orange Hand Block Comforter with Paisley Pattern.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Vegetable Dyes
  • Dry Clean Only

Every quilt sold feeds a child in India for one month.

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Beautiful Orange and Pink Paisley dance off the white and pink features in the Orange Hand Block Comforter with Paisley Pattern. This delicate yet bold cozy quilt is a beautiful testament to the artisan work of Jaipur. Each quilt is handmade using ancient block printing techniques passed down from generation to generation. The hand block process creates a quilt which is both unique and bohemian with the influences of its creator.

About Hand Block Printing:
Woodblocks for textile printing may be made of box, lime, holly, sycamore, plane or pear wood, the latter three being most generally employed. They vary in size considerably, but must always be between two and three inches thick, otherwise, they are liable to warping, which is additionally guarded against by backing the wood chosen with two or more pieces of cheaper wood, such as deal or pine.

The several pieces or blocks are tongued and grooved to fit each other and are then securely glued together, under pressure, into one solid block with the grain of each alternate piece running in a different direction.

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